Saturday, September 24, 2005

Palm Will Team With Microsoft for the Next Version of the Treo Organizer

Published: September 24, 2005
New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23 - Microsoft will achieve one of its longest-held ambitions on Monday when its rival Palm Computing plans to announce that it will use Microsoft's Windows Mobile software in a new version of its popular cellphone-organizer, the Treo.

Verizon Wireless, which will market the phone, will join in the announcement at an event here, according to several people involved. Emphasizing the significance of the alliance for Microsoft, Bill Gates, its chairman, will be present.


Friday, September 23, 2005

The Palm Treo 700w - Exclusive first look!

Check it out: we got our hands on the new Windows Mobile-powered Treo, but it ain’t called the Treo 670 anymore (if it even ever was called that), it’s the Treo 700w (which implies—but doesn’t guarantee—the existence of a Palm-powered Treo 700p). We haven’t spent enough time with the 700w for a proper review — we’ve literally had it in our hands for only a few hours — but we couldn’t resist posting up this first look.

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LA to test parking meters with SMS and credit-card payments

LA to test parking meters with SMS and credit-card payments

Parking meter Sure, smart parking meters are catching on nationwide. But many are like the “muni-meters,” which have begun replacing traditional parking meters in New York, and take specialized debit cards called Parking Cards. Unfortunately, the meters don’t include Parking Card dispensers; you have to buy the cards by phone or online. So, you end up paying with — you guessed it — quarters. But, hopefully, this will all be replaced soon by a new system now being tested in the heart of car culture, Los Angeles. The new ATM-style meters accept cash, debit, and credit cards, and can also use SMS to send a message to your cellphone when your time is about to expire. You can then purchase additional time simply by replying to the message. Of course, this will bomb in LA since everyone uses valet parking there—let’s hope that doesn’t discourage the developers from pitching it to New York officials as soon as freaking possible. In the meantime, here’s an idea for New York: scrap the Parking Card, and let the meters take MetroCards. Most New Yorkers already have those, and you can pick them up in any subway station."

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sprint Nextel MUST provide WiBro to 30M to protect spectrum license

Sprint Nextel, the US carrier that has been mandated to cover at least 30 million households with wireless broadband Internet access ASAP or lose its 2.5GHz spectrum, is reported to be testing Samsung’s proprietary WiMax killer technology, WiBro, which they claim can offer 1Mbps/s throughput even moving at 50mph.

Sprint Business - PPC-6700

Sprint Business - PPC-6700

MS Mobile PPC with EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and 1.3Mp camera and GPS.

This is a comparable form-factor to the Blackberry or Treo.

BlackBerry 8700 EVDO

The BlackBerry 8700? - Engadget - "BlackBerry 8700?

Posted Sep 12, 2005, 9:31 AM ET by Peter Rojas
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RIM BlackBerry 8700 Electron

It’s been a year since we first spied the “Charm”, that new cellphone-style BlackBerry from RIM that eventually turned out to be the 7100t, now the rumor mill is humming once again, but this time about a new EV-DO BlackBerry called the 8700. Nothing’s confirmed, but the BlackBerry 8700 supposedly will come in two flavors, an EV-DO version for Verizon and Sprint and an EDGE version for Cingular, and will have built-in GPS, 64MB of RAM, and the ability to natively view email attachments (rather than require third-party plug-ins). No digital camera or WiFi, but the prospect of an EV-DO BlackBerry almost makes up for it."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

SMS for Charity

Phone Scoop: "CTIA And Carriers Cooperate For Katrina Relief Code

Wednesday, 3:26 PM source: CTIA / IM Planet

The CTIA announced that US mobile subscribers can now send a text message to 2HELP (24357) to donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Each time the message 'help' is sent to the short code, subscribers will be asked to confirm a $5 donation that will be deducted from their prepaid account or added to their monthly statement. Each users can donate up to 5 times for a maximum of $25. Nearly every national and regional carrier has confirmed they are participating in the 2HELP program."

EDGE Disappears From High End Motorolas

Phone Scoop: "EDGE Disappears From High End Motorolas

Thursday, 2:39 PM source: Motorola

Motorola has been quietly revising the specs on many of the high end models they've announced but haven't yet released. Well publicized phones including new design models such as the PEBL and SLVR, as well as the E895 and A910 will no longer launch with EDGE data. They will be GPRS only. A Motorola spokesperson explained that the chipset Motorola choose for their top of the line models does not have a stable EDGE implementation, and does not meet Motorola's quality standards. It is too late for Motorola to swap out chips, so the company has been forced to disable EDGE on the new phones despite their high end placement in their lineup."